Month: March 2014

The success of LabDigiFab stand at the International Trade Fair TARBUD

We are extremely happy to inform, that our stand was mentioned as one of three the most innovative and attractive stands during the XXVIII  International Trade Fair of Civil Engineering  TARBUD!

Date: 29- 30.03.2014
Place: Hala Stulecia,  Wrocław, Poland

fot. Anna Ząber, SPAF

photo: Anna Ząber, SPAF

Stand was created with cooperation with other organizations from Wrocław University of Technology. Together with EtaKsi and KIWON, LabDigiFab created one of the best stands among 255 stands of different companies from all over the world! 


photo: Anna Ząber, SPAF

the original article you could find here:


New LabDigiFab Library

Dear readers!

We are happy to inform you, that we opened a small library in our office in Wroclaw! Everybody is welcome to come and read books and journals.

We also started a new subpage PDF Library, where you could find some interesting literature position about parametric and algorithmic design!  If you are looking for manuals, you will find them here Tutorials & Manuals.


LabDigifab at Winter University // Russia

Title : Walkability- optimized city concept – Irkutsk
Date: 21/02/2014
Place: Architects’House Черемховский пер, 1а,  Irkutsk, Russia
Event: presentation within the Winter University of Urban Planning Design,  15th Session

11 29 32 Panorama

photography by Роман Литвиненко

About Winter Univeristy
Winter University is a significant architectural event in this cold part of Russia called Siberia. Every year the participants from all over the world come to Irkutsk to work 3 weeks on developing new urban solutions for Irkutsk. This year, the subject of session was “Perestroika – Development and transformation of urban space”. Six teams of participants were working to develop projects on 3 sites in Irkutsk: «Deputatskaya», «Barrikad»and  «Yakobi». The fourth site «Tereshkovoy» was dedicated to the group of experts.  In the end the invited experts chose the winning project – proposal of Team F.

Research and conceptual project
Aim: Transform the existing city structure within the boundary of the 4th site «Tereshkovoy» into walkable neighborhood using as less measures as possible (minimal changes, minimal costs, maximal effectiveness)
Measures: Grasshopper+ Galapagos,
Solution: an algorithm, which points out the address of the new amenity (will be presented soon with the full results!)

At the moment, you could watch a small trailer, how the algorithm solves the geometrical problem:

The gradient symbolize the walkscore for particular residential building accordingly to the below image:bar a

I would like to thank organizators, especially  Aleksandra Kozak – the director of the Winter Univerisity for the their help and support in research preparation.  Thank you so much for the given possibility to be a part of this great event, which undoubtedly was 15th Session of Winter University!!!   – Judyta

WU thank you

photography by Роман Литвиненко (